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  662. KIDNEYS.

Formation; Brach.,Med.

663. Pain: Solidago.

pressure, agg.: Canth., Ferr., Helo.

665. cutting: Apis., Bell.,Helon. Ip., Polyg., Tab.

sore: Merc. cor., Solidago.


Enlarged: Ferr. pic., Hydrang.,n Solidago.

Aching: Sabad.

668. Inflamed: Polygonum sagitat.

Aching: Sabal.


Crawling: Puls.

Discharge foetid; Agave, Pip. Meth.

670. last drop: Agar., Kali iod., Petr.

gray: Bufo.

671. thin: Fluor. ac., Mex., Petr., Phos.,Psor., Sabina.

Sep., Sulph.,Terb.

haemorrhage, urination,after: Dulc.

672.Itching: Agar., Vesp.

673.Pain down along: Lyc., Merc., Phos., sulph.

backward along: Arg. nit., Berb., Cann., Canth., Caps.,.

Fluor. ac., Merc. cor., Nux vom., Phos., Plan., Psor., Scil., Samb.,.

Thuja., Zinc.

meatus backward: Thuja.

674. burning,when semen is discharged:Taren.

676. extending, rectum, to Rhus tox.

679. sensation as if a few drops passed: Aspar., Cedr.,.

Petros., Sel., Sep., Vib.

drops following along: Thuja.

swelling: Arg. nit.



Color, greenish: Iris.

green as grass: Labur.

686. Copious, diarrhoea,with:Agar.,

drunk,more than is: Apis., Lac.can., Lact. ac.,.

Lyc., Nat. carb.,Sars.,.

Sep., Zinc.

headache,after: Gels., Ign., Nux vom., Sang.

lying,agg.: Bell.

pains, during: Coloc., Phos., Vib.

Cuticle on: Aspar.,, coca, Cobaltum, Pic. ac., Puls.

Frothy: Rhus tox., Syph.

687. Odor, mousy: Bry.

offensive:L Lac.can.

sickly: Zinc.

688. violets, like:Salol.

Sediment, adherent: Canth.,Chim., Crot. tig., Kali mur.,.

Red. brom., Rumx.

689. brown: Epigea.

crusty: Agar., Calc. carb., Daph.,Zinc.

gray: Berb., Merc.cor.

690. pink;Apis, Myrica, Phyt.

purulent: Eucal.

red: Bry.

pepper like: Iod., Pyrog.

rings: Aspar.


yellow:Lyc., Sep.

691. Sugar: Con.,


Coldness: Sabal.

694. Erections,waking on: Puls.

696. stultified, by sudden laxness: Arg.nit.

697. Eruptions, spits on: Caust., Cinnb.

698. Handles: Thuja.

699. Induration,tests: Brom.

700. Itching: Scroph.


701. Scrotum: Scroph.

Pain, penis: Rhodo.

703. tests,thigh, to: Sep.

Aching: Syph.

704. Cramping, penis: Hep.

705. Drawing, spermatic cords; Calc, sulph., Caps.

left:Fluor. ac., Tub.

706. Sore, bruised,mons veneris: Nux vom.

glans: nux vom.

coition,after: Eug.

prepuce: Nux vom.

707. Stitching, penis extending to anus; Thlaspi bursa pastoris.

glans: Cann.ind., Nat. Carbo., Sumb.

tests, right: Act. spic., Staph.

708. Perspiration , exertion, after;Sep.

709. Pulsation, glans;Ham., Nat. mur., Prun., Ptel.

Retraction, scrotum: lyss.

testes: Sulph.

Seminal discharge,. bloody: Lyc.


710. emissions, stool,

712. Swelling: Zinc.(as if).

717. Enlarged uterus: Merc.i.r.

718. excoriation, cervix: Alum., Arg. nit., Kali bich., Merc.


719. Heaviness, uterus: Calc.Phos.

720. Itching:Hydrc.

leucorrhoea,from: Med.

Pregnancy,during:L Calc.carb.

uterus:” Bellis.

Vagina: Apis, Thlaspi bursa. past.

721. Leucorrhoea,acrid:Helon., Murex.

albuminous: Taran.

brown: Helon.,Iod., Lac.can.

burning: Arg., nit.

Children, in:Bar.carb.,Calc.carb.,Calc.phos.,Carbo veg., Caul., Merc.



722. exercise, agg.: Tong.

gray:Kreos (stains).


lumpy: Sil.

menses,instead of:Bov., Senec.

offensive: Cimic.

fishbrine, like: Med., Thuja.


pregnancy; Cimi.

Purulent: CALC.CARB, Kali bich., Puls.

ropy: Taran.

723. stool,after Mag.mur.

during:Mag.carb., thuj., Zinc.

urinating,before: Kreos.

during: Amm.mur., Calc.phos.,.

Carbo veg., Con., Merc.,. Nat. carb.,Sil.

after: Amm. mur., Mag. m., Se., Sil.


Cheese like: Bell.

Clots,mixed with: Ust.

724. Loose,as if:Hedeoma.

725. Menses, black:Mang., Thuja.

bright red and foul Sang.

brown:Bapt., Thuja.

726. gray: Thuja.


hot:Kali carb.,Sabina, sil.

727. lying, cease when: Scil., Sil.

Offensive,spoiled fish, like; Sulph.

728. strong; Stram.

short, alternate days,

thick; Mang.

729. thick: Mang.

thin,clots, with Ust.

thin,meat water, like: Stront.


urinating, only when:Magn. aust.

vicarious:Lach., Sec. corn.

weeks,every two: Calc. carb., Calc. Phos., Sang.,.



730. gushing; Cinnm.

731. Numbness,uterus: Phys.

Pain, agg cough: Thlaspi but. past.

732. ovaries, left:Magnolia,Xanth.

bending doubt,amel: Op.

lying,agg: Ambr., Ferr.,., Murex.

on left side, amel., Op.

menses, after: Apis.,Nor., Cupr., Gross.,.

graph., Iod.,Ust., Zinc.

733. extending backward:Bell., Carb. ac.,Lil.tig.

one to other;Colic.,Ust.


uterus, coughing, on:Thlaspi bursa past.

734. extending epigastrium, into: Iris.

umbilicus, to:Nux vom.

735. vagina,extending upward:Sil.

china, uterus, Bell: Ferr.,Lach., Senecio.

738. cutting, uterus; sulph.

gnawing uterus; Thyroid.

739. labor like, alternate with eye symptoms:Kreos.

741. sore, ovaries: Thuja.

right:Murex., Psor., Sec., cor.

left:Atrop.,Kali brom., Med., Ovi gal.

Pell., Syph., Ust.

uterus:Bellis, Conval., Lappa, Merc., Tril.

vagina: Cimic.

742. stitching,ovaries; Apm.

left: Caps.,Sep.

743. Prolapsus, coition, agg: Nat.carb.

744. Sensitive: Ust.

Swollen, ovaries:lyc.Podo.

745. Tingling,voluptuous:Petr.

Weakness, sense of: Thlaspi but past.


748. Dust: Plat. Rumex.

750. Itching, larynx: Coff.

753. Rawness, larynx:Dirc.

855. Plug, ;larynx;Bar.carb., Caust.

Polypi, larynx: Ars.

Pressure,larynx, on: Ol. an.

Rattling, larynx: HYdras.

757. Tickling,lying, while:Kali bich.

758. Hoarseness: ARS.IOD.

759. rising,after, Phos.

damp weather: Hep.,Mang.

761. Voice, lost, damp weather: Bar.carb.

exertion, 0on: Ant.crud., Lac.can.

singers: Arum tri., Graph.

sudden; Seneg.

weak,when; Canth.

wind,exposure to northwest: Hep., Nux Mosch.

loud: Nux mosch. 762. weak, talking, after: Daph.


764. Asthmatic,night: Cham.

765. Expectoration,amel: Ant.tart., Grind., Sep.,.


flatulence,from: Chel.

hay asthma: Phleum.

smoking, agg:” Puls.

spasmodic: Agar., Ambr., Bapt., Cann. ind.,.

Cham., cic., Guai., Lil.tig.,.

Meph., Nat. Sulph., Nux mosch.,.

Plat., Rumex.


wind,walking against: Nat.mur.

Blowing:chin., Lach.

766.Cheyne-Stokes: Bell., Carbo veg., Carbo veg., Cocain, Op.,.


Deep, desire to breathe: Agar., cocc., ind., Cupr.,,.

Op., Plan.



767. Difficult morning and evening: Nux vom.

768. air, cold in: Act.spic., Alum.

open,in,amel: Arg.nit.

abdomen,as if from:Bry.,Nat. sulph.

arms, raising, agg.: Cupr., Pop.

back, touching, agg.: Adonis.

bending head backward:Hep.

forward,amel: Sep.

cold food, agg.: Ars.

cough, with:Lachn.

deep breathing,amel: Sulph.

drinking,when: Limulus.

eating, amel.: Med.

epistaxis,with: Acon.,Bell., Bry., Carbo veg., Ip., Phos., Puls., Spong., Sulph.

eructations,amel: Cast.

eyes,closing, agg.: Carbo an.

fanned, wants to be :Bapt., Cann. ind., Chlor., Kali nit., Naja, Sec.,.


flatulence,from:Nux vom.., Osm., Puls.


headache,with :Glon.

heart, pain:Cinnab.

Injury,. from:Petr.

Kneeling, amel: Cast.

Labor pains, with: Lob. 770. Lying,while:Iber.

amel: Kali carb. Lach., Sabad.

on back: Sang.

on side,amel.: Lyss., Sang.

right: Cast: Scroph.

left: Amm.carb.,Sulph.

motion,amel: Arg. nit.,Bell.,Brom., Coff.,Lob.,.

phos., Puls., Rhus tox., Samb.

nose,felt in: Ars., Euphr.,Hell.,Kreos., Lach., Merc.,Phos., Puls.

palpitation,during:Kalm., Manc.


771. raising up,agg; Calc.phos.

restlessness, with: Apis.

rocking,amel: Sec.

sitting bent,amel: Iber.

sleep, falling to,on:Bell.,Carbo an., Gels;s.,Kali.

carb., Merc.i.r.

standing:Merc. acet.

amel.: Bapt., Sil.,Spig.

sudden: Cupr.

772. throat,felt in: Amm.mur., Apis, Cann.,ind.,.

Caust., cocc., Lyc.,Spong.

Urinating,agg; Chel., Cimic.,m Dulc.

Walking, amel: Carbo veg.

wet weather: Cupr.

776. Snoring:Merc.cor.

778. Cough,morning and evening: Acon.,Alum.,Ascl.tub.,Bor.,Bov.,.

Bov., Calc. Carb., Carbo veg., Caust., Cina, Ferr.,Ign.,Lyc.,. Merc.,Nat.mur.,Phos.,Rhus-tox.,. Sep., Sil.,Stram.,Verat.alb.

783. Choking Mez., Nux phos., Puls.

784. cold drinks, amel: Cina.

Constant:Ant.,sul. aur., Kali carb., Sulph.

Convulsions,with: Lach.

790. Expectoration,amel.: Chin., Kali carb.

793. Hard:Hep.,, Verb.

Hoarse: Dir.

800. Paroxysmal,consisting of long coughs Alum., Dros., Rumex.

three or four coughs: Verat. alb.

two coughs:Bell.

803. Short: Asaf.

804. Sleep, after: AEth.,Bell., Ip., Verat. alb.

805. Spot in larynx dry; Nat.mur.


806. Stomach, seems to come from: Bar,carb., Cham,., Conn.,Ferr.,. Guai.,Hep.,Ign., Kali bich., Kali mur., Nat. mur., Nit. ac., Phos.,, Plat., Sang.

808.Larynx,as if from: Coff.

Throat pit,from:Hep.,Kali bich., Phos., Sep., sulph.


810.Weather,change of :Eriodictyon.

813.Bloody,waking, on: Calc. car.

814. Burning:Pothos.

Cool: Sin.alb.

815.Floating: Calc.carb.

Frothy: Iber.



820.Thin; Acon., Gels.

822.Abscess, axilla:Lyc.

824.Atrophy, of mammae;Cham., Chin., Fago., Ferr, Onos., Sil.

Bar, across center: Kali bich.

Bleeding,nipples: Sil.

Cease, as if hart would:Vib.

Had ceased, as if:: Arn.

Coated sensation: Bry.

Coldness:Kali carb.

825. heart region: Cic.

826. Constriction:Lappa.

asthmatic:Cact.,Cad. sulph., Kali chlor. zinc.

827. waking on: Carbo veg.

walking in open air: Mex., Sulph.

828. heart: Cench.,Nat. nit.

epistaxis. with:Verat.alb.

Cramp, vexation, agg: Thuja.

829. Distention: Carbo veg.

Drumming heart sounds:Lob. purp.

Emaciation: Senec.


830. heart region: Chrom. ox., Nux. mosch.


830. Eruptions,herpes, zona: Staph.

831. axilla;

832.Falling down in:Bry., Nux vom. comp. Loose.

floating,as if heart were:Bufo., Crot. case.

Formication:Nux vom., Spig.

Fullness: Aur.

833. heart:Ang.

Greasy, as if: Nux mosch.

Gurgling: Puls.

Haemorrhage, exertion, after: Verat.alb.

836. Inflammation,pleuro-pneumonia: Ran. bulb.

Itching:Bufo., Sil.

837. axilla: Asar.


Lumps, sensation: amm. mur., Cast., Lil tig., Nat. carb.,.

Nux mosch., Tarax.,Zinc.

Sternum, under: Aur., Bell.,Thlaspi bursa.

past., Chin., Gels.,.

Puls., Ran. scel. sil.

MIlk,bad: AEth., Sil.

flowing sensation: Dict.,Kreos.

838. Numbness:Bufo., Carbon.,m Latr. mact.,Physalia.

840. Oppression, food, dry, agg., Bov.

palpitation,with: Great.

842. Pain,bending forward: Lac.vir.

downward,going: Amm.carb.

epistaxis,amel:Brom., Carbo veg..

eructations,amel: Gels.

Herpes zoster after Zinc.

inspiration., amel.: Thuja.

lifting agg., Brom., Gamb. Kali carb., Nat.mur., Zinc.

micturition, amel;Lil. tig.

Pressure of clothes, agg.; Ail,.Lach.


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