IDENTIFICATION: Agonized tossing about.

ESSENTIAL: Agonized tossing about. Restless. Extreme anxiety. Great fear, especially of death. Expression of fear. Great. unquenchable thirst for large quantities which agree, everything else but water tastes bitter, the drinking seems. to increase the thirst. High fever. Dry, hot skin. Pulse. full and bounding. All the attacks come on suddenly and with. violence.

IMPORTANT: MIND: Dull, confused. Lost affection for friends, does not care what becomes of them. After fight when the fear remains, try Op. if Acon. is not sufficient. The anxious expression is one of the first manifestations of the Acon. sufferer. Insensible, stupid. Delirium, especially night, raves, springs out of bed. Pains intolerable, drives one crazy, screams. Weepy disposition; cries violently with facial jactitation or alternating with laughing and weeping. Piteous wailing. Inconsolable anxiety. Peevish, impatient. Screams aloud from least touch; with pain. Throws self about, constantly changing position; cannot continue long at one thing. Music unbearable, makes one sad. Sad and solicitous. Timid, especially after fright and about the dark. Fear of death with loquacity, r anxiety in region of heart. Rage in children, from anger. Vexed at trifles. Obstinate, tosses about impatiently. Ailments from fright, as fear of death, fear of dark, vertigo, trembling, fainting, threatened miscarriage, impending cessation of the menses and the remote effects of fright; from vexation, as congestion, anxiety, beside himself, threatened miscarriage and apoplectic congestion.

VERTIGO: From congestion, as in the sun. Stooping. Staggers. to right, or as if drunk, worse rising from a seat, less walking, none sitting. Black before eyes on. shaking head. Epistaxis. On rising from lying, red. face becomes deathly pale, or he becomes dizzy and. afraid to rise again. After fright anxious, as if dying, must lie down; from suppressed menses from cold.

Stupor with cold feet.

HEAD: Cerebral congestion from anger. Headache from exposure. to rays of sun. Lying relieves headache but aggravates other. symptoms. Forehead dull and heavy as if everything would push out. Squeezing in forehead above root of nose, feels as if she would lose her reason, worse walking in open air. Pulsation forehead, left side, along with attacks of severe blows. Head excessively hot. As if hair stood on end. Cold sweat on forehead.

EYES: Sensitive to light, especially of sun, it dazzles eyes. Desire for light, especially of sun, it dazzles eyes. Desire for light. Pupils contracted, then dilated. Balls feel too large, as if coming out of sockets. Bloodshot. Acute aggravation of granulated lids, and pannua of cornea, excessive hyperaemia, heat and dryness, especially from. exposure to dry, cold air, or induced by overheating from. violent exercise. Sticking and tearing pain around eyes, worse night. Upper half of ball sore on motion. Profuse lachrymation with intense pain. Lids feel dry, burn, sensitive to air; hard, swollen, tense feeling, red, worse morning.

EARS: Averse to noise, it startles and is intolerable. Music goes. right through every limb, makes one sad. Pain right ear. Ear stings, meatus red and narrowed, externally red and. hot, noise intolerable.

NOSE: Smell acute, especially to unpleasant odors. Distressing. cramp or pressing at root.

FACE: Expression anxious, frightened. Pale, burns, fiery red, bloated, unequally red. As if growing longer. One cheek red, the other pale (in fever one cheek red and hot the. other pale and cold). Red and pale alternately. Livid, lips. black. Crawling, creeping, tingling. Lips dry, black, peel.

TEETH: Grinds. Sensitive to air.

TASTE: Bitter to everything but water.

MOUTH: As if filled with air, tasting of rotten eggs. Trembling. and temporary stammering. As if dry, numb or raw in middle. of tongue, without thirst. Chronic affections of tongue. Dry mouth. Saliva copious, streaked with red, sweet taste in mouth.

THROAT and PALATE: Uvula and soft palate red. As if dry and something had stuck in throat. Severe sticking pains in posterior fauces. Throat burns, numb, stings, choking, muscles extremely sore on swallowing. Burning mouth along oesophagus to stomach. OEsophagus tingles.

APPETITE, etc. Impossible for him to get enough water and it agrees well. Excessive hunger and thirst, but eats slowly. Appetite lost, loathes food, qualmish. Desires especially wine and beer. After eating, violent pain in stomach with heat and tenderness. Wine generally relieves, but sometimes brings on congestion, haemoptysis, and palpitation and aggravates rheumatic pains.

NAUSEA, etc. Painful hiccough. Vomits: lumbrici, bile, mucus,. blood; bloody mucus; green masses with diarrhoea of the same appearance, anxiety, heat, thirst, profuse sweat and increased urine.

STOMACH: Distress, retching, vomits especially green. substances, after severe shock, as fright, or suppression of sweat or menses. Burning through oesophagus to mouth Pressure in, and pit, as from weight or stone.

HYPOCHONDRIA: Burning, stinging, hepatic pains. Constriction and pressure in hepatic region, dyspnoea. Swelling under right short ribs, hot, tense. Hypochondria heavy and tense Stitches: in hepatic region taking breath away; in diaphragm with heat.

ABDOMEN: Burning in navel region. Hard, puffed. Lower abdomen sensitive to touch. As of a weight from a heavy load resting on abdomen bearing one down.

STOOL: White with dark red urine. Cutting, griping followed by frequent urging to stool, after anger or fright.

URINARY: Urine retained in infants, from cold, cry, restless; in adults from cold. Congestion of kidney, bloody urine. and fever, rare cases. Child screams and in great pain because it cannot urinate. Painful, anxious urging. Urine:. hot, dark, red, clear, with white faces. Burning in. urethra during urination. Suppressed, pressure on bladder or stitches in region of kidneys.

SEXUAL: MALE: Testes feel hard, swollen. FEMALE: Pains: stitch, more to right of fundus uteri; sharp, shooting, abdomen very sensitive. Vagina hot, dry and sensitive.

LARYNX, etc. As if denuded. Sensitive to touch and inspired air.

BREATHING: Short, in sleep after 12 p. m.; labored, anxious orquick and superficial; deep, slow, sighing; difficult, must breathe deeply. Worse during inspiration, better. during expiration. Takes frequent deep breaths, cannot breathe deeply, as if lungs would not expand.

COUGH: Clear, ringing or whistling from burning prickling in larynx or trachea. Worse after eating or drinking; during sleep; from vexation; especially fright; from dry, cold air or wind.

CHEST: Congestion of lungs with great oppression, distress, anxiety and expectoration of bright, hot blood. In the hyperaemic stages of inflammations of thoracic viscera; with its general indications; prior to exudation Acon. will befound to be valuable. Tight. Oppressed, as of a great weight, must breathe deeply, with anxiety; pressive weight and burning under the sternum. Stitches: from lowest. right ribs through lungs to apex of scapula at every. inspiration; in left chest; worse bending sideways; between scapulae on breathing; burning and shooting into chest. Lancinating through chest, dry heat, dyspnoea, often. chill. Heat in lungs.

HEART: Great excitement of circulation and violent action of heart. In hypertrophy from valvular diseases it may do great harm. In numbness and tingling compare Kalm. and Rhus, remembering that neither have the agonized restlessness of Acon.

PALPITATION: Violent, lungs hyperaemic, face red, spits blood.

Oppressed about heart, burning flushes along back.

PULSE: Contracted, full, powerful, intermits, every 6th. beat. Heart heavy; slow, intermits, or feeble, weak and.

small; threadlike with anxiety.

NECK AND BACK: Tearing in nape. Neck stiff, painful,. worse moving neck. Pain: neck to right shoulder. Pain cutting, in a circle, spine to abdomen. Crawling in spine as from beetles. Formication.

LIMBS: UPPER: Formication, arms, hands and fingers. Pains:.

shooting, tearing, erratic, arms, forearms, ;wrists and. finger joints. Trembling hands. Paralysis wrists. Creeping pain fingers, also when writing. Hands icy cold; cold sweaty palms. LOWER: Shooting pains in legs, Knees, ankles, and toes. Tired sense during repose. Knees: unsteady; bend on standing or walking, knifelike. pains in joints. Legs: stiff on motion from taking. cold; feel numb; tingle from feet up. Cramp: feet,. calves. Hot prickling in toes, go to sleep while walking.

IN GENERAL: Tremble; tingle with shooting pains; convulsive.

Cold. Convulsive contraction. Twitching in fingers and. toes.

NERVES: Excessively restless, tosses about. Muscles weak, weary, prostrated, almost total inability to stand. Drowsy, languid, unable to rise from couch, unable to. work, sense of prostration and inward fever. Faints on. attempting to sit up.

SLEEP: On falling to : fever becomes intolerable; jerks; restless tossing. During delirium; starts; profuse sweat hot; restless; talks. Restless: night, must walk about; alternating cold and hot partial sweat.

Sleepless:excessive wakefulness after midnight,. anxiety,restless, continued tossing about. Dreams:. vivid of days occurrences; anxious, night, wakes with. a start; long anxiety in chest taking away breath and waking him; anxious, heavy with oppressed. chest. Awakened: by asthma, nightmare, startings and. cough.

CHILL: Shuddering lying down night. Sudden, evening followed. by heat. After violent chill, dry heat, dyspnoea,. lancinating pains through chest.

HEAT: Face hot, hands and feet cold; mostly evening. Thirst. for beer, or burning thirst.

SWEAT: Profuse, warm, even hot. Free. Long continued general. sweat, sourish odor. Affected and covered parts sweat,. like to be uncovered. Wore sweating, better after. Cold. Bad effect of suppressed sweats, as: catarrh,. fever, local inflammations.

SENSATIONS: Pains intolerable. Stitches here and there. Stinging and burning as if in skin. Formication,. numbness and tingling. As if bruised or beaten in. different parts.

TISSUES: Seldom useful in typhoid states. Acts more on. arteries. Plethora; active capillary congestion. Local. congestions and inflammations. Complaints in joints;. crack, cramp, shoot, loss of power; drawing in joint and aponeurosis. Glands pain, hot, swollen.

SKIN: The nervous sensations, especially the formication and. the sleep sensation, point to its use in certain. neurosis. Tingling over whole surface. Dry. Swelling:. red, shining, hot, violent pains. Prickling, fine, as. from needles here and there. Erythema from suns rays;. papular. Rash: of children; scarlet, high fever (but. seldom used in scarlet fever).

GENERAL: Heat as well as cold is injurious to the Acon. patient. Tension, both mental and physical. Numbness in. limbs and other parts as if bound tightly. Time of. aggravation at night, about midnight. Very useful in. childrens diseases with high fever and great restlessness. Persons: dark hair and eyes, plethoric, who come. down violently; strong, robust; rigid fibre; who lead. sedentary lives; rugged children. Crawling, tingling. like ants along the nerves. More indicated in women and. children than in men; sensitive, excitable, vigorous. women. Trembling, tingling, convulsion of muscles.

INDIVIDUAL: FEAR OF DEATH PREGNANCY; while walking across a. busy street. Formication of head, better heat. Heat of. heat as from a hot iron around it. Pain in head, OVER. EYES FROM COLD, DRY WINDS. Cramping pain in head from. suppressed catarrh. Eyes INFLAMED FROM COLD WINDS, LIDS SENSITIVE TO COLD AIR. As of cold air on tongue. TEARING PAIN IN TEETH ON GOING TO BED. Tingling in oesophagus. STOMACH INFLAMED AFTER COLD THINGS; burning pain after fright. PAIN FROM ABDOMEN TO CHEST DURING. STOOL. Anxious urging on BEGINNING TO URINATE. URINATION INVOLUNTARY WITH THIRST AND FEAR. Menses. suppressed by a cold bath. Dry cough from change of. temperature. Inflammation of heart, must lie on back. with head raised; of upper right lung. SHARP CUTTING. PAIN IN CHEST AFTER CHILL. Rawness in chest after change of temperature. Palpitation on becoming chilled.

AS OF BOILING WATER POURED INTO CHEST. Numbness and. loss of sensation of back to lower limbs. Coldness of. limbs, better motion. Formication in fingers when. writing. Numbness of gouty lower limbs and legs. STITCHING PAINS; hot in toes. Paralysis of upper. limbs during meningitis. TINGLING FROM FEET UPWARDS. Shaking chill, night, on lying down. Burning, dry heat. extends from head and face, thirst for cold drinks. ONE CHEEK RED AND HOT, THE OTHER PALE AND COLD, IN FEVERS. Copious sweat and urine with diarrhoea. Faint, better continued walking.

LEADER: Delusion that he was about to die. Nervous. excitement. Fear in a crowd; of death during labor,. predicts the hour. Vertigo, sways to right. Boiling. sense in head. Stitching pain in eyes on motion, eyes. red after injuries; sensitive to cold air. Dry coryza. from cold, dry winds or currents of air. Face as if. large. Pulsating pain in face. Pain in sound teeth;. from, or in raw or cold, dry winds. Blood oozes from. throat. Burning pain in navel region. Stool like. chopped spinach. Urine retained every time child takes. cold; also in new-born infants. Tension in bladder. Child urges to urinate ineffectually. Inflamed ovaries. from checked menses. Sharp pain in uterus.

Dry trachea. Loud, barking cough. Palpitation during. day; also after fright. Sense of hot water in chest. Toes cold. Left forearm numb; also legs on sitting. Chill and fever alternate, night. Faint after urinating.

MISCELLANEOUS: ABUSE of Acon. calls for Sulph.

AILMENTS from Acon.: CHAM., CIMIC., COFF., NUX, Petr.,. Sep., SULPH. Antidoted by: Acet. ac., Alcohol,. Paris, Vin.

ANTIDOTES: BELL., CHAM., COFF., Morph. (secondary. symptoms), NUX, Petr., Sep., SULPH., VERAT.

COMPARE with: Op, and Stram. in effects of fright, but. these lack the agony of Acon.; Sulph. which is the. chronic of Acon.; Camph., better uncovering; Gels.,.

effects of bad news, fright or anger; China, white.

stools; Bry., diarrhoea from anger; Hep., effects. of cold, dry winds; Bell., Cham., Coff., Ferr. phos.

COMPLEMENTARY to: Arn. bruises; Coff. sleepless, fever, pain.

intolerable; Sulph. high in all cases.

FOLLOWED BY: ARN., BELL. (gastric states, and after. pulmonary febrile affections); Bry., Hep., Iod. (chest), Ip., Puls., SEP., SULPH.; colic: Ars.;. cough: Bry., Spong.; croup: Bry., Spong.; croup:. Hep. or Spong.; Strangury of child: Puls.;. dysentery MERC., Sil.


Related to the other Aconites. Acids, wine, coffee, lemonade and acid fruits nullify its action. From too many doses, or if given too strong and patient is slow in recovering from attack, or if the patient himself has taken it unwisely, Coff. or Nux will often set matters right.

Aconite means without dust. It grows on dry rocks almost devoid of earth. Its flower is the shape of a monks hood. Some of its principles are said to be contained in Hell., and in one variety of Staph. It is claimed in Persia and Switzerland the tops have been eaten as greens. Elephants are said to eat it with immunity. Tension, both mental and physical, characterize Aconite. The Acon. patient comes down suddenly, violently, and recovers rapidly, usually with a copious sweat. One cheek red, the other pale, with anxiety and chilliness, always indicates Acon. Acute symptoms occurring during a chronic disease often require it.

CLINICAL: Any disease that includes the above Essentials.

ABORTION (Miscarriage): Impends from fright, anger or. vexation, excited circulation and rapid respiration. Giddy on rising from lying cannot remain up. Often. afraid to get out of bed, to move, to go from room to. room, or to go out doors (See under menses).

AMENORRHOEA: (See under menses).

ANGINA PECTORIS: Intense pain in all directions, especially. down left arm and with numbness and tingling; anxious,.

colds, fear of death, cold sweats and feeble pulse. (See above Essentials).

APOPLEXY: Unconscious as if dying; speechless; congestion,. anxiety; face hot and dark red or pale; carotids throb;.

pulse full and strong or weak and rapid; worse toward. evening; limbs cold, left side lame, eyes stare, brain.

burns. (Other remedies in brief are: Apis; complete. stupor, Op. failing; Arn.: face paralyzed; paralysis. left side; pulse full, strong; stertorous breathing;.

aching soreness all over; bed sores from readily; Bar. carb.: of old people and drunkards; Bell.: early. convulsions; paralysis follows; Caust.: paralysis of. opposite side of body; Hell.: idiocy follows: Hyos.:.

Convulsions; Lach.: threatens in drunkards; of. drunkards; convulsions; paralysis follows; Nux:. paralysis follows; Op.: convulsions; face red; stertorous breathing; tetanic rigidity; threatened in drunkards, occiput feels heavy as lead, stertorous. breathing, free sweat which does not relieve, spasmodic. jerking of limbs,numb, variable pulse; Rhus: hemiplegia. of right side follows; Stront. carb.: threatens;. violent congestion of head, face gets hot and red. every time patient walks; mere exertion increases. circulation upward toward head; Tab.: deathly pale;. cold sweat breaks out over whole body).

ASPHYXIA: Newborn, hot, purple hued, pulseless and. breathless, or nearly so, (Other remedies, in brief,.

are: Amm. carb.: from charcoal fumes; Amm. tart.:. atelectasis; from drowning; from accumulation of mucus;.

in oedema pulmonum; in impending paralysis of lungs in. pneumonia; coma; delirium; face pale or dark red, lips. blue, muscles twitch; pulse threadlike in newborn, rattling of mucus in throat;

Arn.: from blows or falls; from charcoal fumes; in newborn; Bell.: newborn; face very red , eyeballs much.

injected; Bov.: from charcoal fumes; Camph.: newborn,. apparent death; Ant. tart.: failing; Camph.: newborn,. apparent death; Ant. tart.: failing; Carb. sulph.: From. alcohol or charcoal gas; China: from loss of blood; in. newborn from loss of blood of mother, or if infants is. pale; Chlor.; in laryngismus stridulus; Cochl.:. apparent apoplectic death after haemorrhage from nose. and lungs during whooping-cough; Hydr. ac.: during. cholera; coma; respiration gasping, irregular; body. cold and blue, distress about heart and repeated weak. spells; Hyper.: after a fall with shootings and. jerkings; Ip.: from mucus during influenza; Lach.:. apparent from drowning; after a jealous quarrel; Laur.:. cholera; newborn, face blue, muscles twitch, gasping. without really breathing; Nux: from a stroke of. lightning; Op.: from carbon gas; from hanging; newborn;. Tab.: speedy collapse; freely developed).

ASTHMA: From active hyperaemia of lungs or brain, or after emotions, or the suppression of an acute rash; face. red, eyes starting, can talk but little at a time, as. of a band around the chest, muscles feel rigid,. occasional vomiting, it wakens one (See also Essential. and Important above); after the paroxysms yellow or blood streaked sputum; pulse small, intermits,. irregular.

BILIOUS FEVER: (See Fever, Bilious).

BRONCHITIS (See Inflammation: bronchi).

CATARRH: Acute, with the above Essentials; Gastric: From. exposure, or the checking of acute eruptions, or. chilling stomach suddenly by drinking ice cold water;. Sharp, acute inflammations; retches, vomits bile or. blood, or ineffectual urging to vomit after stomach is. empty (See above Essentials).

CHILL: On least motion; sudden, evening followed by heat;. alternating with heat, terminated by sweat; violent at. beginning, more evening after lying down, often one hot. cheek and contracted pupil, or hot forehead and ears;. alternating with heat, all night, with desire to be. uncovered by gets chilly thereby. (Consult the above. Essentials).

CHOLERA: (See Stool: Cholera).

CHOROIDITIS: (See Inflammation: Choroid).

COLIC: Violent, inflammatory, after a cold; forces one to. bend double but without relief, involves bladder with. constant ineffectual urging to urinate, constriction in. hypogastrium in region of bladder; of INFANTS: Child. bites its fists; with above Essentials. (Other remedies. in brief are: Bell.: pain comes and goes suddenly,. bends forward, face re, pupils large; Bor.: screams. during downward motion; Cham.: angry, cross, draws up. legs, better carried; Chloral: threatens convulsions;. Coloc.: writhes, doubles up, draws up legs, better. pressure or carried on shoulder of nurse; if it fails. to cure or even give quick or prompt relief and the. attacks return, consult especially Kali carb. or. Stann.; Ign.: if mother or wet nurse suffered from. grief; Illicium. an.: 3 month colic, especially colic. returning at regular hours; Ip.: and indigestion from. acids, unripe fruit or beer; Iris: flatulent, better. bending forward, and discharging flatus; Kali brom.:. periodical 5 p.m.; Mag. phos.: flatulent, draws up. legs, better heat and pressure; Nux vom.: from. stimulating food taken by mother or wet nurse;. constipated, much flatus; Nux mosch.: transient. paleness, lassitude, faint; Staph.: from indisposition. of mother or wet nurse.)

HEPATIC (Gallstone colic):. with the above Essentials. (Other remedies, in brief,. are: Bell.: clutching, clawing pains, come and go. suddenly, red face; Berb.: pains radiate in all. directions; Calc.: darting pains, right to left,. profuse sweat; Card. m.: pains pressive, drawing,. stitching; Cepa: pains begin in hepatic region and. spread over abdomen, worse about navel; Cham.:. irritable, snappy, uncivil; Chel.: every 2 weeks;. chilly; pains across gall-bladder, extends quickly. downward across navel to intestines; constant pain. under lower angle right scapula; clay-like stools;

China: periodic; pains shoot, parts extremely sensitive. to touch; Chloroform: intense pain, tympanites,. restless, Cholest.: said to be almost specific for. gallstone colic, relieved after Card. m., China, Nux,. Pod., and other apparently indicated remedies failed;. to be considered when it is impossible to obtain. symptoms. By no means use morphine until this remedy. has been tried; Dios.: pains cut, squeeze, twist,. often extend to nipple; Elat.: dull pain in right. hypochondria; cutting in bowels; Nux: sudden severe. pain in right side, spasms abdominal muscles, stitching. pain in liver; Sang.: skin and urine dark yellow;. Staph.: after domestic disturbances or indignation).

MENSTRUAL (Dysmenorrhoea): Bends double, with the above. Essentials. (Other remedies, in brief, are: Alum.: with. prolapsus; Apis: congestive; discharge scanty, slimy. blood; ovarian neuralgia; Arg. nit.: day before menses. (Lach. 1st day); Arn.: bruised pain and general bruised. soreness; Ars.: burning, cutting, stinging in. epigastrium, sides and back ; Bell.: bearing down,. spasmodic, labor-like, congestion to head, face deep. red, pains come and go suddenly; Bry.: membranous;. bruised pains, worse least motion; congestion to head;. Calc.: membranous; labor-like; from excitement, cramp. at beginning, cutting;

Carb. veg.: bruised pain; desire. to be fanned; Caust.: on appearing, cutting, tearing;. Cham.: after anger, labor-like, back to front, uncivil;. Cim.: bearing down, labor-like, rheumatic, down thighs;. Cocc.: contractive, on every motion and breath, cramp,. cutting, as if parts were crushed between stones; worse. motion, cold and contact; Coff.: cramps, bends double,. throws herself on ground; Coloc.: cramps, cutting,. sometimes worse after eating and drinking, bends. double, better pressure; Collin.: pelvic and portal. congestion, piles diarrhoea and loss of appetite; Con.:. bearing down, labor-like; drawing in legs; shooting in. left chest or pain around heart;

Croc.: bearing down; dark stringy blood; Crot. hor.: at. beginning; in lower abdomen and down thighs; Cup.: cramps, to. chest, causing nausea and vomiting; Cyc.: flow ceases. during pain; Dulc.: in cold, damp weather; takes cold easily; Erig.; with haemorrhage; Ferr.: face flushes. easily, deep red; must move slowly; Gels.: neuralgic;. rheumatic; labor-like; to hips; bearing down;. congestion to head, face deep red; cramps in legs;. Graph.: labor-like; obstinate megrim; Glon.: discharge. scanty with epilepsy; congestion to head; throbbing. instead of flow; Ham.: inflammatory; neuralgic;. irritable ovaries; Helon.: delicate, chlorotic women of. lax fibre; Ign.: labor-like; contractive;; crampy;. pressive, better pressure and lying, irritable nervous. system and sighing; Ip.: sick headache; Kali bich.:. membranous; eruption and periostitis;

Kali carb.:. chilly; griping and pressure in abdomen and groins down. thighs; Kali iod.: urging to urinate which disappears. with onset of flow; Kreos.: with stitches in sides;. Lach.: first day; bearing down; crampy; flows but one. hour every day; the smaller discharge the grater the. pain; on stooping violent pain in left ovary; pains run. upward; Lil. tig.: cutting in bowels, limbs clammy,. thin leucorrhoea; Mag. carb.: at beginning; drawing in. sides; Mag. mur.: better having back pressure; Murex:. like something pressing in a sore sport during first. part of period, which sometimes returns; Mag. phos.: and during flow; better heat and pressure; Natr. carb.:. bearing down, labor-like; Natr. sulph.: scanty menses;. constipation;

Nit. ac.: bearing down; cramp as if. abdomen would burst; Nux: bruised pain, congestion to. head and irritability; Nux: bruised pain, congestion. to head and irritability; Nux mosch.: at onset;. bearing down; stitches in lower abdomen worse sitting;. better external heat; Oleum an.: cutting, menses too. early; Petros.: strong, plethoric women; Plat.:. pinching; Puls.: bearing down, labor-like; chorea; sick. headache; pressing in abdomen and small of back, down-. ward; like a stone; restless; tearful; Rhod.:. rheumatic;

Rhus: membranous; rheumatic; Sang.: sick headache;. Sars.: begins mornings; Sec.: bearing down; cutting. tearing; cold sweat; averse to covering Senec.: urinary. symptoms; Sep.: at beginning; bearing down, labor-like,. lower abdomen down thighs; discharge scanty; Sulph.:. pain small of back; labor-like; drawing; discharge scanty; Ust.: congestive with ovarian irritation;. Verat.: neuralgic; chilly; cold; cold sweat, especially. on forehead; prolapsus; Verat. v.: preceded by. troublesome strangury; congestive; plethoric women with. strong constitutions; Vib.: membranous; neuralgic;. cramps; irritable ovaries; Xanth.: inguinal region, run. along course of genitocrural nerve; agonizing, drives. one almost distracted; abundant discharge; eyes. congested, photophobia; face flushed and feverish.).

RENAL: Acon.: with the above essentials. (Other. remedies, in brief, are: Arn.: agonizing pain back and. hips; generally bruised, sore and sensitive to. pressure; Bell.: spasmodic crampy, clutching pains,. come and go suddenly, face red; Benz. ac.: urine deep. red or brown and of a very highly urinous odor; Berb.:. pains in loins and hips; or radiate in all directions;. Canth.: cutting, contracting pains ureters to penis;. Caps.: spasms of bladder; Carb. an.: ineffectual. urging, painful pressure in loins, groins and thighs;. Cham.; cross, irritable, uncivil; Chloroform.: during. passage of stone; restless, tympanitic, intense pain;.

Dios.: pain from crest of right ilium, right leg and. testicle to renal region, or in a spot over crest of. right ilium to renal region and down right leg and into. right testicle; itching; skin bathed in clammy sweat;. loud moaning, trembles, writhes about bed; Lyc.: pain,. especially right ureter, near hip, to bladder, not. extending beyond median line, after catching cold; red. sand in urine; Mag. phos.: spasmodic pains better heat. and pressure, urine clear like water; Nux.: after. anodynes; pain right kidney to genitals and right leg. better lying on back, worse rising and walking; unable. to lie on right side; sweat; constant urging to. urinate; Ocim.: right side: violent vomiting; red sand. in urine; especially if subject to pain in ureters;

Op.: pains press, squeeze, shoot from different places. to bladder and tests; Pareira: pain down left ureter to. groin; chronic; excruciating, haemorrhage from ureters. provoked by passage of stone; urinates on all fours:. Phos.: congestive and inflammatory symptoms; purulent. and chalky sand y sediment; Sars.: during passage of. stone; excruciating pain right kidney downward; pain at. conclusion of urination almost unendurable; Senec.:. kidneys and ureters inflamed after passage of stone;. Staph.: after domestic disturbances or indignation:. Tab.: pain violent along ureters, cold, weak, deathly. nausea.) (In all cases of colic, or other clinicals. herein mentioned, consult the Essentials and Important. symptoms enumerated above.).

CONFINEMENT: After tedious and difficult labor. Delirium,. talks about death. Any trouble that includes the above. Essentials.

CONVULSIONS: The convulsions arrested by Acon. do not rest. on a chronic constitutional base but are of recent. origin, as in the puerperal state and are caused by. sudden nervous shock, fright, face red, hot and sweaty,. with the above Essentials; these symptoms cover the. puerperal state too.

CONJUNCTIVITIS: (See under Inflammation: Conjunctiva).

CORYZA: From cold, dry winds or checked sweat; comes on in. the night after taking cold from exposure, especially. if too thinly clad; pressing shooting pain in. forehead; headache and roaring in ears; hoarse and. rattling; violent throbbing in head, better in open. air; muscles sore, must support chest when sneezing;. especially useful for rosy, chubby, plethoric babies;. CHECKED: Headache; better open air; worse talking; DRY:. Headache, roaring in ears, thirst, restless, sleepless,. nares hot and dry, chill and fever, from above causes;. FLUENT: Frequent sneezing; dropping of clear hot water;. mornings; incipient; chills and fever; from. above causes.



PHTHISIS: Sleepless from fright, fear or anxiety, fear of future, profuse sweat during sleep. Consult above Essentials.

PILES: Bleed, hot, sting; stinging and pressure in anus; sharp stitches; blood bright red. Consult the above Essentials. BLADDER: Haematuria and burning distress in urethra, and above Essentials.

PLEURISY: (See Inflammation: Pleura, above).

PLEURODYNIA: From exposure to cold after being overheated, with the above Essentials.

PREGNANCY: Dreads excitement or many people. Has ;no affection for anyone. Toothache. Jaundice. Must rise each night between 12 and 3 a.m. to urinate; dysuria. Heart beats quicker and stronger with anxiety about it. Consult above Essentials.

PROLAPSUS UTERI: Sudden, cold sweat, inflammation, bitter vomiting, or skin may be dry, with or without haemorrhage, genitals inflamed, nervous excitability, and above Essentials.

RHEUMATISM: Urine scanty, red and hot; ACUTE: Knees swell, pains cut, throb and sting, sleepless, had to sit up, pain intolerable, affected parts lame and numb, pains tear, wander, better profuse sweat. ARTICULAR: Swelling red and hot, or pale, shifts from joint to joint, especially if from suddenly checked sweat or by dry, cold winds or air. MUSCULAR: Great agitation of heart; of back and limbs. In all cases consult the above Essentials. Acon. is rarely useful in true Arthritis.

SCIATICA: As of ice water running down nerve, with above Essentials.

STOOL: Green masses, like chopped spinach. Bloody, slimy mucus. Small and Watery. Worse after getting wet.

CHOLERA: Vomits and purges green water, skin cool, dry or cold and viscous, or cold to touch, but patient feels as if burning, collapse; INFANTUM, or summer complaint: Stools like chipped spinach; MORBUS: Acon., when indicated, will often cut short an attack without the aid of any other remedy if given in the beginning.

DIARRHOEA: Bilious; of infants, colic, no position relieves; after a chill or fright; from hot days and cold nights (inflammatory); from getting wet; in summer from cold drinks or checked sweat; stools watery, green, or slimy, bloody; violent pain in bowels, tenesmus also between stools. Most of the bowel complaints of children come on form intense heat, the child cries and complains much, bites its fists and is sleepless. DYSENTERY: During hot days and cool nights, stools scant, loose frequent, tenesmus, or small, brown, painful, at last bloody, violent pain in rectum; in autumn, stools scanty, bloody, slimy and much tenesmus (Merc. follows well). Given early, when indicated, it will cut short an attack without the aid of any other remedy. It is also a valuable intercurrent when Merc. cor. apparently indicated, fails. It closely resembles Dulc. and it is followed well by that drug, also Bell.

SYNCOPE (Fainting): From fright, palpitation, numb, tingles (cardiac hypertrophy). (Other remedies, in brief, are: Ars., frequent, from least motion, before and after vomiting (haematemesis); Bry., morning on rising; (Carb. veg. after); sitting up (diarrhoea); Camph., cold, cold sweaty skin, face red but pale if raised; pulse thready, though icy cold throws clothing off as soon as strong enough; Cact., suffocation; Carb.veg., from abuse of Merc.; eructations; while lying in bed; after sleep; after rising (Bry.: on); China, metrorrhagia; Cocc., hysterical; nausea; Coff., from sudden emotions; Dig., preceded by dim vision, pulse slow, irregular, complains of nausea and deathly weakness at stomach; Hep., evenings, from least pain; Hydr. ac., (See Laur.); Ign.,……

hysterical; sobbing; Ip., haemorrhage, vomiting, clean tongue; Lach., during menses in nervous women, nausea, palpitation, vertigo, faceache; Laur., long lasting faints, no reaction, face pale blue, if one drinks water it rolls audibly into the stomach; Linaria, faints dead away without apparent cause; Mosch., suffocation, convulsions; Nat. mur., vertigo; Nux, after vomiting or diarrhoeic stool, or pain during labor, very sick or weak after attack, pain above eyes, tendency to attack morning, nausea, also from strong odors; Nux Mosch., disposition to, in hysteria; Op., from fright especially if Acon. fails, whenever he attempts to rise from bed, with sudden return of animation when lying down; Phos. from odor of flowers, gas, ethereal oils, turpentine, etc.; Phos. ac., from weakness after loss of blood or other animal fluids; Puls., close room, better open air; Sec., during labor; Sep., kneeling in church; Tab., vomiting; Trill., haemorrhage in flabby subjects; Verat., cold sweat especially on forehead, vomiting).

TETANUS (Tetanic convulsions): Face drawn and rigid, with above Essentials. Impending, muscles tense, tingling and numbness. As preventives we have, Acon. as above, Bell., Cic., Hyper. (excruciating pain in wound), Sil., and Verat. vir. (Other remedies, in brief, are: Aesc., after constriction in stomach; Amyl., violent after a burn; Ant. tart., with trismus; Arn., traumatic (Hell., Hyper.); Ars., sudden jerkings through whole body, drawing in limbs during menses, writhes; Bell., infantile with trismus; Calad., idiopathic or traumatic; Camph., of arms and hands; of lower jaw; in measles; of new-born; Cham., after measles; Chin. sulph., during labor; Chloral., sudden, traumatic, in infants and newborn; Cic., traumatic; in cerebrospinal meningitis; Cup., bending head back, urine escapes;, acute hydrocephalus; Guarea, hysterical; Hep., newborn; Hydr. ac., in cholera; during diarrhoea or dysentery; traumatic; respiration hurried, labored, worse night, dropping off to sleep; Ign., after fright, frequent inclination to yawn; Ip., from swallowing tobacco, bluish red face; Lach., peculiar look, remissions midnight until noon; Laur., cholera; Led., puerperal; traumatic, begins in wound, parts become cold as ice; Mosch., sudden contraction of larynx as from fumes of sulph; Natr. carb., left side; Nux, traumatic; interruptions of a few minutes during which muscles relax; clonic spasms especially severe with opisthotonos; Nux mosch., hysterical headache; Plat., wild shrieks alternating with catalepsy; Stram., with trismus; Verat., with trismus).

TOOTHACHE: From dry, cold winds, or taking cold in raw winds, or during pregnancy; in young plethoric persons; neuralgic; throbbing in left side of face usually, or right to left, one cheek intensely red, congestion to head; pains are intense cutting, shooting in hollow tooth, or even in sound teeth, affecting whole head. A comforting remedy when applied to a hollow tooth on a pledged of cotton. Consult the above Essentials.

TRISMUS: With the above Essentials.

VERTIGO: From congestion, as in sun; on stooping; staggers to right; as if drunk; with nausea worse rising from a set, less walking and none sitting; epistaxis; black before eyes on shaking head; after fright, anxious as if dying; must lie down; on rising from lying, red face becomes pale, or he becomes dizzy and falls over again; often nausea and vanishing of sight or unconscious; from sudden suppression of menses from cold; or from a fall or concussion, face pale or red, but no stupor.

WORMS: Seat; accumulation of water in mouth; region of navel hard, swollen; urging; slimy stools; anus itches, tingles intolerably night; child sleepless. Consult above Essentials.

ZOSTER: Herpes, vesicles with neuralgic pains and the above Essentials.


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