RUFUS, my mothers Boxer bulldog, had been at the vets. for four days, suffering with colitis or ulcerated inside. It was not quite clear from the vets. remarks what really was wrong, but he was brought down here to stay while his mistress spent a few days with me. The dog arrived in bad condition, very thin, suffering with diarrhoea, which had a little blood in the motion. We were indignant that the vet. had discharged him in such a state, and I rang him up and asked him for further advice.

I was told the dog would be all right if he was given the pills supplied. We followed instructions, but Rufus got worse and worse, and at last had haemorrhage in earnest. He was most distressed at the mess on the carpet and we could see he was really suffering. I could bear it no longer, so consulted a rough notebook on homoeopathic medicines I have kept and found that I had a bottle of pills marked H.A. haemorrhage.

I have never had occasion to use any and the bottle was sealed as it came from the chemist some long time ago. However, I determined to use it, and therefore crushed a dozen or so sugar pills of H.A. and put them on Rufus tongue. In an hour to our joy and relief there was a distinct improvement. Three hours later he was even better but we gave him another dose as it was bedtime.

During the night we gave him a third dose as he was restless and the bleeding had commended again. Next morning he was much better and a fourth and last dose that night completed the cure. In a week he had regained his weight and he left here well, with some more Hamamelis in his thankful mistress pocket.

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