MRS. R., a healthy looking woman, forty-nine years old, who was a hard-working housekeeper, of cheerful disposition, consulted me in May, 1931, complaining of giddiness which came on when she turned her head. Her complaint was aggravated when she was out of doors, and she told me that there was a tendency to fall forward. Her general health was good, her blood pressure normal, her periods were regular. There was no obvious cause to which the disorder could be attributed. I treated her for a time without affording her relief, and then lost sight of her for six months.

Two months ago she consulted me once more about the same complaint, accompanied by the same symptoms. I consulted a valuable little work, Johnsons Therapeutic Key. In that book I found under the heading “Vertigo” the drug Cicuta virosa, which has produced in provers who have taken the drug experimentally symptoms identical to those complained of, for we read: “Giddiness with falling forward, vertigo, reeling as if everything turned round him.” Cicuta virosa 200th potency, prepared by Heath, was given, and relief and cure followed the taking of a few doses.

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